Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reducing your electricity Bill-Understand what you use daily

Learning how you use electricity start from basic knowledge of 1kwh =1unit.

What can i do with 1 kwh?

1) You can use iron for 1 hour

2) 40 pieces of Toast

3) Bake a birthday cake

4) Use 10W LED lamp for 100 hours

5) 400W kettles use to boil 4 times of hot water


6) Watch 500W LED TV for 20 hours

Monday, October 6, 2014

Solar Powered Induction Cooker

Worry about high electricity bill when using induction cooker in Malaysia? Tap free solar energy and power up your induction cooker.Enjoy boiling peanut soups and save pocket money!

Friday, October 3, 2014

How to Save The World When Enjoying beverage in Starbuck?

How to reduce paper cup or plastic wastes  after having your evening hi-tea in Starbucks? Using your own tumbler to drink your beverage can save your pocket money and also help to reduce world resources.
You can save RM2 and less paper cups used every time your purchasing favourite beverage with Starbuck using your own starbuck tumbler. Do consider this great idea when you are the frequent Starbuck Fan.!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monitoring your Fit Solar via your Smartphone

Good news for Feed in tariff malaysia household who install SMA or known as Sunny Boy inverter for their solar installation. Adroid users can install Sunny Portal via Playstore in your smartphone.
Now Solar monitoring system within your finger tips.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

How to Save Water: Watering your plant from your kitchen waste

You can't imaging how precious water tab supply especially during drought season and water rationing day in Selangor last April ago?  Water level in Selangor's  dams were extremely low and most of household experiencing difficult time to cope months without continue water supply.

There are many ways to save water by changing our lifestyle. Example, don't throw away the water waste after rice or vegetables cleaning process. Water waste can be easily collected using container and use it to water your plants. Reuse and Recycle the water for plants.

Water  waste from my kitchen is good to water the banana trees and plants around the house. Save our precious water resources for our future generation!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Save Energy in Your Kitchen : Select Right size Rice Cooker

Do you aware that electric rice cooker is the second largest power consumption in our kitchen ?

Do you ever bother to check rice cooker name plate? Are you using  correct size electric rice cooker to prepare for 1-4 people meal daily?

Today, cost living in Malaysia is getting expensive and most of the household ladies begin to shift from eating out to home cooking dining for their family in order to cope the reduction of disposable income.

Smart kitchen lady is one of the key person at home to save energy and electricity bill.

Take a good example for typical small size family to serve 2-4 person meal daily.

Which size of rice cooker you will choose?

1.0 Litre Rice Cooker rated at 450W 
A typical rice cooking  time about 15 Minutes to 30 Minutes depend the types of rices, water content and number of servicing.
Let say smart kitchen lady cooking for two meals per day and each time last for  30 minutes,

30min/60min x 2 times x 0.45kw  x RM0.40 (Electricity Tariff) x 30 days =RM5.40 Per month 

How much this family will spend if using the bigger size rice cooker with same amount of servicing?

1.8 Litre Rice Cooker rated at 832W

30min/60min x 2 times x 0.832kw  x RM0.40 (Electricity Tariff) x 30 days =RM10.00 Per month

1 litre Rice cooker is good enough to serve meal for 2-4 person daily. So, why waste energy  and  use big rice cooker to cook small amount of rice?

Bigger size of rice cooker not doubt will consume more power consumption. In this example, 1.8 Litre Rice cooker consumes almost double electricity compared to 1 Litre Rice cooker.

Time for all kitchen ladies changing their mind now. Big is not always good in this case :-)

Saving of RM60 per year in your electricity bill will give a boost in your home saving fund.

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Monday, July 7, 2014

Toyota Prius Fuel Saving Tips

Prius's Fuel Saving Tips: ( Eco Mode / Highway )

Discover the formula that works for me.

Uses the least aggressive method to travel.

( Recommend staying at 90 ~ 95 km/h )

courtesy :

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How to save energy for your smartphone: Using power saving app

Do you want to have a powerful battery while you enjoying game or whatsapp with your friends using smartphone?

Power saving application for android give users good choices of power plan such as smart, endurance and normal mode selection.

If your battery is running low, Endurance mode is the best option to prolong your smartphone power with longer duration if you don't have power bank with you.

Friday, July 4, 2014