Monday, June 7, 2010

Using Solar power for induction cooker

Can you image? Using solar power to power up induction cooker rated at 1kW-2kW ? (The actual power consumption is depended on your temperature control selection). For those who are not familiar with induction cooker, it is  more energy efficient than gas or electric cooker.According to manufacturer and end users, 90% of energy is directly to the pan while gas delivers only 55% heat to the pan .The electric cooker is only 65% efficiency.

Recommendation : Use only high efficiency equipment such as induction cooker if you intend to use precious solar power from your home :-) 

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  1. Hi Ms.Kiki The Solar Girl.

    Mr.Foo is also a good cooker huh?. How about you ?? hehe...

    How couls i can get/construct Solar power at my home?? Hope u can share your valuable experience.


    p/s: I'm EE at Tenom Pangi Hydro P.S. still remember me??

  2. Hello, MR EE.TQ for putting up the comment over here.I am not sure whether he is good cooker or not..Me definately not a super cooker..LOL
    Let us wait Oct 2010 for FEED IN TARIFF table up on parliment. Feed in tariff is better option for us to install solar power in the least cost and more affordable way to environment as well.We just grid our solar power with local utility n export to system instead of usig expensive battery bank storage:-)

  3. Dear Ms.Kiki The Solar Girl,

    Tq for your kind reply. Actually I'm Mrs.Wan from Hydro which is in the pics "Auto Motor Control" group.

    Anyway.. hope you'll share a lot of information in this blog. I found this blog is very good and contained a lot of knowledge. Ur support in this Green Energy is very mush appreciated.

    Chaiyok Ms.Kiki!



    Wan Z.

  4. Hello..Good Day Mrs Wan.Saw your pic last two week ago..i was asking foo who was the pretty inside the pic..keekekekke
    Foo said, foo's father was a British Chef, he must be a good chef for hainam food..
    tq for your continue supports:-)

  5. Are you using a solar panel to power your cooker? If not your post is just misleading..

  6. It is impossible to power up an induction cooker with merely a small piece of solar panel only.
    FYI, This house is installed up to 4kW off grid Solar panels and i dont see have any problem to use solar to powered up cooker (1.5kW) because it is have been running well for few years!!!

  7. can we use for boiling and frying?
    and can we use inside home?

  8. No Problem for boiling or frying using induction cooker. You need to select correct frying pan (induction cooker used) and of course you can use inside home or kitchen as well.

  9. can i use at night time or rainy season?winter?
    and.please give me the cost and other details of the product

    1. Can, but costly!
      Go for FIT, that is a better solution. Can power up AC too.
      No battery is needed, less maintenance, plus you too receive some monthly income.

      Get more info on FIT program


    2. see your post,believable at the same time will it work without solar grid connection.wants to know about FIT programe.wants to know how much kw pannel required for this induction cooker use.we are solar electrification people and somany enquiries for the induction cooker working in the domestic area.we are in Kerala,south India and now introduce the solar installation.

  10. please mail me on
    i want to enquire more about the solar cookers.pls