Sunday, September 29, 2013

Malaysia's Gasoline Un-dependent Solar Power Electric Modenas Motorcycle

Pollution Free Electric Modenas Motorcycle can recharge in three hours time and travels 20KM each time charging.
Simple and Functional solution to reduce petrol subsidy from government and environment friendly

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Explore Econation Center Panasonic Malaysia

The ECONATION CENTER, an old bungalow that has been transformed into a state-of-the-art eco-conscious house, has opened up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
In this showroom, visitors can experience new lifestyles Panasonic proposes such as its energy solutions right in the home environment.
A green and comfortable lifestyle of the future. Please take a look at the eco ideas Panasonic introduces in Malaysia.

Click the below link for youtube video.

US$100m Green Tech fund launched

Malaysia has partnered with Japan-based Asian Energy Investments Pte Ltd (AIE) in a US$100 million investment mega-fund to seed promising new ideas and innovators in Southeast Asia.

In a joint statement today, the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) and New York Academy of Sciences said a Malaysia-based fund management company, Putra Eco Ventures Inc, will be established.

"The company will channel the investments and provide business consultancy services to green technology companies," it said, adding that the fund would focus on investments in small-to mid-sized technologies and enterprises.

Science Advisor to the Prime Minister Prof Datuk Seri Zakri Abdul Hamid said the new green energy venture capital fund was a wise investment in developing a family of new technologies able to draw and store energy from renewable, inexhaustible sources such as the sun, wind or tides. 

"Demand for these products and businesses will be again driven by consumer convenience, cost advantage and environmental necessity, and logic dictates that they will eventually trumps non-renewable fossil fuels in global markets short years or decades from now," he said. 

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak presided at the announcement, made at a meeting in San Francisco of the Prime Minister’s Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council (GSIAC), made up of distinguished leading global sustainable development experts. 

The fund management company will also be charged with helping revive Malaysian biodiesel plants idled by sharp increases in the price of crude palm oil, on which the plants depend for feedstock, investigating cheaper biodiesel feedstocks, including municipal waste and waste oil palm biomass. 

Malaysia’s interest in the new fund will be managed by MIGHT, 
represented by its wholly-owned subsidiary, MIGHT Technology Nurturing Sdn Bhd. 

AEI is an offshore investment arm of Industrial Decisions Inc. of Japan, which is under the umbrella of Mizuho Financial Group. 

The announcements conform with advice offered by leading development experts on Malaysia’s Global Science and Innovation Advisory Council, who consider investments in green energy as the top priority for countries looking to move up the world’s financial ranks.-- Bernama

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Going Green: Experience Charging Modenas Electric Motorcycle using solar power after two years

After two years on, Modenas Electric Motorcycle is running almost 3,181km mileage and fueled by my home rooftop solar power.

By making a concentrate effort, I have reduced the fossil fuel 100% via 1.5kW Off Grid Solar Powered Charging Station.

Moving forward, my little small step hopefully will make bigger changes for our future generation!!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bank Muamalat rolls out solar PV finance package

Islamic financier Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd yesterday announced the rolling out of the country’s first-ever Shariah-compliant solar photovoltaic (PV) financing scheme valued between RM20 million and RM30 million within the next 2-3 years.

Deputy CEO Musa Abdul Malek said that for the first year, the bank may disburse from RM10 million to RM15 million of the funds to 1,000 homeowners, who will be fitting their homes with solar PV systems, which will be grid connected and reap from the country’s solar PV Feed-in-Tariff (FiT) system.

However, he said the Smart Green Mortgage Solar PV FiT Plan with its design based on the murabahah structure, is a mortgage plan that does not a have a high-end margin for the bank with a mere 1% yield. “It is to make sure that people have sufficient cashflow to meet up with their own requirements,” he said.

Murabahah is an Islamic finance model that supports loans on physical objects (assets) such as property and vehicles.

Musa commented the bank’s decision to embark on this venture to offer solar PV finance packaging is in line with the Islamic philosophy to care for the environment.

The package is possibly the first such scheme available among Asean and Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) countries.

“Even in Middle East countries there is not much activity in generating solar,” he said.

Musa pointed out the package gives its customers a return on investment of up to 16% annually through its estimated average annual revenue of RM580 on the four kilowatt peak (kWp) solar PV system, depending on the installation type, size and location. The monthly income generated through this for the next 21 years will be credited directly by Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) into the homeowner’s savings/ current account maintained with Bank Muamalat.

The plan is in line with the implementation of the FiT mechanism introduced under the Renewable Energy Act 2011 and administered by Sustainable Development Authority Malaysia (SEDA), enabling Malaysians to generate electricity from renewable resources while earning a fixed income for up to 21 years by selling electricity to TNB’s grid.

The Bank Muamalat package for solar PV is the second in the Malaysian market after Alliance Bank announced its solar financing package in June.

According to SEDA Malaysia CEO Badriyah Malek, another four banks are currently in discussion with the authorities and are expected to follow suit in introducing similar packages soon.

Badriyah and Musa spoke to the media after the launch of the Bank Muamalat package at SEDA Malaysia office recently, together with the soft launch of SEDA Malaysia’s 2nd International Sustainable Energy Summit (ISES) 2014. Both events were inaugurated by Deputy Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water Datuk Seri DiRaja Mahdzir Khalid.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

EKONOMI Tesco rancang kurangkan pelepasan gas karbon dioksida

Tesco Stores Malaysia Sdn Bhd menyasar untuk mengurangkan sehingga 50 peratus pelepasan gas karbon dioksida dari semua pasar rayanya menjelang 2020 menerusi kaedah penggunaan tenaga lebih cekap. 

Ketika ini, syarikat peruncitan dari Britain itu telah mengurangkan pelepasan gas karbon dioksida di 47 pasar raya serta dua pusat pengedarannya (DC) di negara ini sehingga 25 peratus. 
Pengurus Tenaga dan Penyejukannya, Kathleen Teh, berkata pihaknya menggariskan empat inisiatif yang akan diguna pakai bagi mencapai sasaran itu. 

Inisiatif berkenaan ialah pencahayaan, pendingin hawa, penyejukan dan elektrikal serta pelan sikap yang mula dilaksanakan di semua pasar raya Tesco. 

“Bagi inisiatif pencahayaan, Tesco akan menukar lampu pendarfluor T5 kepada lampu LED yang mampu menjimatkan penggunaan tenaga hingga 42 peratus secara berperingkat dalam tempoh dua tahun ini. 

“Sementara, bagi inisiatif pendingin hawa pula, syarikat bercadang memasang mesin kawalan pendingin hawa yang mampu mengawal penggunaan pendingin hawa secara automatik. 

“Setakat ini, kami sudah memasang mesin ini di 28 pasar raya Tesco membabitkan pelaburan RM7.5 juta dan ia dijangka mampu menjimatkan penggunaan tenaga antara satu hingga tiga peratus sebulan,” katanya kepada BH dalam satu pertemuan di Kuala Lumpur. 
Teh berkata, walaupun kadar satu hingga tiga peratus dilihat kecil, realitinya ia mampu menyumbang kepada penjimatan ketara kerana 60 peratus daripada jumlah bil elektrik di pasar raya itu setiap bulan disumbangkan oleh penggunaan pendingin hawa. 

“Sebagai contoh, pendingin hawa di pasar raya Tesco di Kepong menggunakan lebih sejuta kilowatt setiap bulan dan jika ia dapat dikurangkan walaupun hanya tiga peratus, ia sudah memadai,” katanya. 

Bagi inisiatif pelan sikap yang juga dikenali sebagai Energy Hot House, ia dilaksanakan sebagai perintis di Tesco Puchong dan berjaya mengurangkan 3.8 peratus penggunaan tenaga yang bersamaan dengan RM8,600 sebulan dalam bil elektrik sekali gus melepasi sasaran ditetapkan iaitu dua peratus. 

“Kini, inisiatif ini yang turut mendapat kerjasama daripada pasukan Tesco United Kingodom sudah dilaksanakan di semua cawangan Tesco dan DC di Malaysia sejak Julai lalu,” katanya.

Go directly to the third way! (From Japan)

Interesting idea from Japan for sustainable life..
Go Directly to the Third Way..Pls click the below link..

Thursday, September 5, 2013

PM's Office will be a certified green building Read more: PM's Office will be a certified green building

KUALA LUMPUR: KFM Holdings has partnered with Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, to transform the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) into a certified green building. 
The project, worth RM110 million is expected to complete in May 2014. 
It is estimated that the PMO retrofitting project can save up to RM2 million energy savings per annum.

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