Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Modenas Electric Motorcycle-CTRIC

During my visit to Green Energy Exhibition at KLCC recently, an interesting green motorcycle exhibition booth -Electric Motorcycle from Modenas, our Malaysia national motorcycle company had caught my attention.

This electric motorcycle is fully developed, assembled and manufactured in Malaysia. It will launch in near future after obtaining approval from the authorities. The target market will be the urban and inter urban within 30-40km range for those people who are conscious about energy saving .

The selling price for this electric bike will be below RM5,000 per unit and it will take about three and half hours to recharge the motorcycle from zero base (for minimum 80% battery capacity). It has a 1kw  DC Brushless (PWM) Motor. The life span of the 5 units of lead acid,Nano Gel type batteries are 2.5 years or 30,000KM and up to 500 discharge cycles. The rating for each battery is about 12V , 20AH @ 2hours.

Based on our current electricity tariff, it will cost about RM0.39 for a  full charge.It capable to travel up to 65KM with the maximum speed of 110kM.

(source: Business Time New_2 July 2010)

The below is the our national made Electric Motorcycle-CTRIC-Intelligent Energy flyer

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  1. I am going to link your article and make a LOL on this Modenas new "creation".

  2. 65km ain't it too short of a distance..

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  4. get ready as the bike will enter market June 2011. Sirim and JPJ have completed VTA (vehicle type approval).

  5. It's in the Star today. Think I will buy one when they put the motor and batteries in a scooter body

  6. My Friend is planning to book the newly launch electric bike now..

  7. I would like to speak my mind here for this green bike. Go green is good and I am 110% support it. Though I am supporting green I do have some comment about the price of this bike. RM4,888 is sure below RM5,000, question going green will cost this much? If I do compare to a normal bike with same capacity and also the same price, I can go more than a 65Km per full tank and I can top-up my fuel tank anywhere I go. 65KM distance is just to go around our "taman".
    Another question is 65Km measurement is base on the early years when we buy the bike. As we know the more cycle we charge the battery the capacity of the battery will goes below factory specification. So I throw this question, how about after one year, will the bile goes 65Km?

    To Modenas, if you do really support green and 1 Malaysia, try to lower your price. get the volume and profit will comes. Sell high price with low volume will not help 1Malaysia.


  8. I just want to ask? Why only modenas selling E bike? what about other? There are many e bike like SYM and Yamaha. Why they dont market here?

  9. they dont market here, cause modenas monopoly la.. we malaysians are the no 1 big suckers of all time