Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Green building fever fast spreading in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR: The green building fever is fast catching on in Malaysia and there are now 200 development projects certified by Green Building Index (GBI) as being green buildings.

Developers are realising that despite the marginal rise in building costs when they decide to make their projects "green", there are marked advantages to doing so, like their properties fetching higher prices and the developments being associated with prestige.

At the moment, many developers see green certifications for their buildings as a quick ticket to bigger profit and a mean to raise the gross development value of their projects.

However, architect Von Kong Leong, the immediate past president of Malaysia Green Building Confederation, feels it is a start to a trend that is surely to stay for the long term and will become more pervasive and, ultimately, become part of the local property scene. 

Von, who is Malaysia's Green Building Index accreditation panel member, was speaking on the sidelines of "The Green Building Seminar 2013", organised by Malaysia Green Building Confederation, here, yesterday.

He said the World Green Building Council, which is a network of national green building councils in more than 90 countries, recognises GBI.

Von said GBI was initiated in January 2009 and launched in May the same year.

The GBI currently issues four levels of certifications: normal, silver, gold and platinum.

Typically, said Von, a normal "green" certification will increase the cost of a development project by anywhere between zero and three per cent; silver (one and five per cent); gold (three and eight per cent); and platinum five and 10 per cent).

These certifications are becoming increasingly important to companies that are looking for buildings that are more environmentally-friendly, said Von.

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Solar Cooker- New Cooking Style for Sustainable living

Buying charcoal and set up your barbecue grill to cook your chicken wings, hot dogs , corns and etc on the top of charcoal ashes during your outing consider "outdated" today with the emerging of  Portable Solar Cooker. 

Recently, my friend had demonstrated how we can harvest the solar energy to heat and grill our food with the ready made Solar Cooker.

This solar cooker is using direct heating method via  parabolic reflectors and you can make your own "solar coffee & tea", BBQ, Sandwich & ham, Soup, popcorn &nuts etc.with zero carbon emission & electricity.

The great advantages for this solar cooker are environment  friendly and no burning charcoal / electricity and we don't worry much on charcoal ashes sticking on our foods as well.

Set up your folderable solar cooker under the hot sun,   BBQ cooking style take about 10-30 mins to serve the food while boiling water to make your own cup of coffee or tea is taking about 15-25 mins. The maximum cooking temperature can reach up to 300 Degree Celsius.

Several modes selector switches for different temperature will ease you from overcook or burnt the food.

Time to refine our cooking method in more sustainable way!

  • No smoke
  • No hazard
  • No Harm
  • No open flame
  • No Burning charcoal
  • Saving Electricity bill if you using induction cooker/ hot plate
Remark for safe operating solar cooker :
  1. Watch out the hot cover. Wear kitchen while getting your food.
  2. Do not use in strong wind condition
  3. Kids are prohibited to use solar cooker
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

MyPOWER expects 25pc tariff rise in 2014

KUALA LUMPUR: Electricity tariffs could be raised by up to 25 per cent for heavily-subsidised sectors, a top industry executive said.

The maximum quantum will only affect heavy industrial users such as steelmakers and glove manufacturers.

Commercial users such as retailers and enterprises should pay for smaller increases, while those consuming less than 200 kilowatt hour (kW/h) will not see any rises.

The hike, which may be announced by early 2014, is to ensure that the power sector is sustainable, more efficient and free of market-distorting subsidies.

MyPOWER Corp chief executive officer Datuk Abdul Razak Abdul Majid said the potential hike is needed to close the gap between the true cost of generating power and current subsidised tariffs. 

"We have presented our proposal to the Cabinet and it is up to the government on when it wants to hike the tariffs. It could be in January, February, or March next year. 

"The government would have to look at other proposals such as from Petronas (Petroliam Nasional Bhd), the Energy Commission, Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) and others before it can make a decision," Abdul Razak said at a media briefing, here, yesterday. 

Malaysia's power sector has long been inefficient with consumers and industries paying subsidised prices. 

Petronas sells gas to TNB to generate electricity at subsidised prices of RM13.70 per MMBtu (million metric British thermal units) whereby the actual international market price is RM43 per MMBtu' This means the oil national oil corporation is subsidising about RM20 billion. 

The current average cost of power generation is 30.9 sen per kW/h and it is sold to domestic consumers, commercial users and industrial powerhouses at an average subsidised price of 33.5 sen per kW/h. 

However, the actual true cost of power generation, including transmission and distribution, is 42 sen per kW/h compared with the current tariff of 33.5 sen per kW/h. 

The cost of transmission and distribution of 8.5 sen is not inclusive, representing a 26 per cent shortfall. This makes the government subsidise the gap to the tune of RM12 billion a year. 

The Philippines and Thailand sell electricity at 58 sen per kW/h and 48 sen per kW/h, respectively. 

MyPOWER is a special purpose agency created to detail out the key reforms of the electricity supply industry in the next four or five years so that projects aligned with the Government and Economic Transformation Programmes can be implemented smoothly. 

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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Solar Fuel Tank

Free! Non Fossil Energy

  • Not Affected by Rising Tariff Rate
  • Not Affected by Fuel Supply Shortage
  • Environment Friendly and Safe..

Friday, November 1, 2013

Clean Energy Vs Dirty Energy

Tainted water pours into containment pond in an Unity field processing facility in South Sudan.
Transform our energy in clean energy by using 8x235Wp solar panel made from TianWei China for your clean cooking energy and say no to dirty energy.