Saturday, November 23, 2013

Solar Cooker- New Cooking Style for Sustainable living

Buying charcoal and set up your barbecue grill to cook your chicken wings, hot dogs , corns and etc on the top of charcoal ashes during your outing consider "outdated" today with the emerging of  Portable Solar Cooker. 

Recently, my friend had demonstrated how we can harvest the solar energy to heat and grill our food with the ready made Solar Cooker.

This solar cooker is using direct heating method via  parabolic reflectors and you can make your own "solar coffee & tea", BBQ, Sandwich & ham, Soup, popcorn &nuts etc.with zero carbon emission & electricity.

The great advantages for this solar cooker are environment  friendly and no burning charcoal / electricity and we don't worry much on charcoal ashes sticking on our foods as well.

Set up your folderable solar cooker under the hot sun,   BBQ cooking style take about 10-30 mins to serve the food while boiling water to make your own cup of coffee or tea is taking about 15-25 mins. The maximum cooking temperature can reach up to 300 Degree Celsius.

Several modes selector switches for different temperature will ease you from overcook or burnt the food.

Time to refine our cooking method in more sustainable way!

  • No smoke
  • No hazard
  • No Harm
  • No open flame
  • No Burning charcoal
  • Saving Electricity bill if you using induction cooker/ hot plate
Remark for safe operating solar cooker :
  1. Watch out the hot cover. Wear kitchen while getting your food.
  2. Do not use in strong wind condition
  3. Kids are prohibited to use solar cooker
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