Friday, April 26, 2013

Part 3: How to save energy for lighting in China?

The Great Wall of China in Ba Da Ling. We took about one and half hour journey from Beijing town to Ba Da Ling via High speed train or local express shuttle bus.

 Guest house in Beijing name 235 Guest house is located in Old Beijing town. 10 minutes walking distance to nearest subway station. A great choice for backpackers especially Malaysian who are looking affordable pricing and clean room . The room rate  start from 200 Yuan=RM100 per night for 2 person during Spring Season (April 2013). Plenty of convenience shops and local Chinese Food Cuisine Restaurant (Beijing Style food & Muslim foods)  are available for those who are hunting for local food.

This is the long stretch of corridors to access your guest house room. Green building design such as semi transparent glass window design style allows natural sun as a great lighting source for indoor during day time.

 At night, motion sensor incorporated with photocell are used along the corridors to control the all the lighting. 

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Part 2 :Go Green In Beijing-Cycling to work & Shopping

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Part 2 :Go Green In Beijing-Cycling to work & Shopping

Figure 1 :
Beijing Township- WangFujin. is one of the famous street for bookstores and shopping heaven in the town.

Figure 2:
Old Beijing township name AnDingMeng is well developed for green township. Majority of people are using bicycles or electric bicycles  as their transportation to travel from one place to another destination. Cycling is safe over here and there are plenty of bicycle lanes for them to move around in their old township.

Figure 3: 
Big parking bay for bicycles at strategic location  such as near to Beijing subway station or shopping center (Carrefour) is commonly available in various location. In Malaysia, we are facing insufficient  car parking lots especially near  LRT or KTM station!

Figure 4:

How to rent a bicycle ? There are many bicycle renting "vending  machine" for your convenience if you feel to cycle bicycle at other part of Beijing city. Firstly, you need to have a prepaid card (multipurpose "touch n go" card ) which is showing in Figure 5. Paid a deposit of  20Yuan (RM10) for the prepaid card and reload money as much as you like (see Figure 5), you can enjoy convenience of using rental bicycle by just swiping your card on the screen of the front desk bicycle (see Figure 4).

Figure 5: 
Multipurpose prepaid card for all transportation in China (including subway, shuttle bus, bicycle renting, phone call, MRT etc)

Figure 6:
Bicycle Renting bay for your convenience

Last but no least, for those who renting bicycle, please do remember to return back the renting bicycle and swipe the multipurpose card after using the bicycle. Penalty will incur on your multipurpose card if you had forgotten to swipe the card in future.

Go for Green Lifestyle in Beijing! Beijing has putting up alot of efforts in promoting green electric tram, electric bicycle, bicycle and super convenience public transport with very low price (RM0.40 for one way trip of shuttle bus and RM1 for a one way trip of subway)
Of course, healthy green lifestyle bring great fitness body shape and slim figure for most of Chinese in Beijing.
Public Transportation in Beijing is excellence. I would say their transportation are seamless and please avoid to use their subway/shuttle bus during peak hour or weekend unless you wanna to have a great feel of become "human sandwich ".

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Part 1 :How to select Energy Efficient Air conditioner in China?

My recent holiday visit to Beijing was an amazing experience to see how a large population country such as  China in effort of creating a sustainable and energy saving environment  for their future generation.

Part 1:
China has their own energy star label which is called China Energy LABEL.

Rating 1: Most Energy Efficient (Least Energy Consumption)
Rating 3: Middle Range of Energy Efficient
Rating 5: Most inefficient (Highest Energy Consumption)

Based on the China Energy Label of this air conditional, it is categorized Rating as 2.77. (Middle range of Energy efficient)

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Transform your bottles to creative planting pots

I have came across very impressive idea to recycle our plastic bottles to transform as an useful plant pot....Thumb up!

Great idea from Ecolutionist.
Picture from :