Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How to Jump Start Toyota Prius?

Early of Morning, we are rushing to send children to school and go to work on time.Suddenly, you unable to start up your Toyota Prius  ? What a big headache for a day!!

Most likely this due to we have forgotten to swicth off  the car head lamp for a night and let the battery completely drained off.

What we should do if our Toyota Prius need to jump start  in case of battery flat?

Jump Start Toyota Prius might be a very challenging task!!

Once  you open up the engine front casing Toyota Prius, you are in puzzle to find the position of the battery terminal (+) and   (-).

If we compare to our normal car such as proton wira etc, we can recognize battery pack and terminal easily.

To solve this problem, reading habit is very importance now.Search for the owner's manual and follow the instruction in the check list.

Tips to share.
Tip 1:

Always keep your Toyota Prius Owner's  Manual in your car for your emergency purpose. It's really helps driver to understand and trouble shoot Toyota Prius car in case of malfunctions.
Tip 2:
                                        picture 2

Read the manual carefully to find out the correct position for battery terminal.It may take you half hour  up to one hour to find out the terminals or may be days if you don't have proper equipment and manual with you!

Tip 3

                                                     Picture 3

Please use multimeter or voltmeter to confirm the battery terminal(+) and (-). Refer to the above picture (picture 3), the right hand side is (+) terminal and the remain voltage in the battery is 5Vdc. Too bad. The 12V battery is completed drain off and only remain 5V.No wonder it unable to start the car.

Tip 4
Pls refer to picture 2 to measure and jump start battery system of Toyota Prius. Connect the jump start cable according to correct Toyota Prius battery's terminals with external 12V battery.Within a second, the engine able to start back  to normal condition.

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