Saturday, August 14, 2010

General Motor to raise Electric Car production

Courtesy: 2010 The Canadian Press

July 30, 2010

GM to raise production capacity of Chevy Volt by 50 per cent.

DETROIT - General Motors said Friday that it is boosting production capacity for its new Chevrolet Volt due to strong public interest in the electric car that goes on sale this year.

GM will now have a production capacity of 45,000 vehicles in 2012, up from previous plans for 30,000 vehicles.

The automaker made the announcement as U.S. President Barack Obama toured the Volt production facility in Detroit. The U.S. government sank $50 billion into GM as part of the broader rescue of the auto industry, giving taxpayers a majority stake in the country's largest auto company.

The Volt, priced at $41,000, can go about 550 kilometres on a single battery charge, according to GM. The vehicle is powered purely by the battery in the first 65 kilometres, and then uses a small tank of gasoline to create an additional charge for the remaining distance.

Chevrolet dealers began taking orders this week for the 2011 model.

GM recently raised the number of launch markets for the Volt from three to seven.

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