Thursday, June 16, 2011

Modenas eyes 500 electric bike sales a month

Motosikal dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd (Modenas) expects to sell 500 units of environmentally-friendly electric motor cycles a month.

Its chief executive officer, Abd Halim Ismail, said the bike, Modenas CTric, has also made its international mark with an order for 100 bikes by Iran.

"The bikes will be sent to Iran by end of this month. It has also planned to buy 200 bikes every month," he said.

Abd Halim said this at a media briefing after the launch of the bike by Transport Minister, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha, here today.

He said South Korea, Greece, Poland and Vietnam were also interested to buy the bikes.

Abd Halim said the CTric has also created history, being fully developed, assembled and manufactured in Malaysia, using 80 per cent local components and 20 per cent from China.

Earlier, Kong said the CTric was the first electric bike to get the nod from SIRIM and Road Transport Department (JPJ).

"The amendment to the Road Transport Act 1987 last December has allowed the electric vehicles to register with JPJ. Prior to that, the Act disallowed the registration because it needed to record the chassis and engine numbers.

"The electric vehicle only has chassis number," he said.

The CTric comes in two colours -- green and orange. It retails at RM4,888 (including road tax and insurance). -- Bernama

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Comment from blogger..
Finally our first modenas electric bike is ready to On The Road legally..

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Malaysia's first electric motorcycle
KLANG: The country's first electric-powered motorcycle has been launched by the Transport Minister.

Energy consumption for the environmentally friendly vehicle Modenas CTric, which will have a top speed of 70km per hour, is one sen per kilometre.

At an average speed of 30km per hour, it can go as far as 60km on a single charge.


  1. Good news for Kampong folks !
    Electricity Bill for charging this electric bike:

    Based on first 200 Units Usage of Electricity @ 2.18 Cents Per Unit, this Electric Bike consumes only Rm 2.616 for 650KM Mileage or equivalent to 1.38L of petro!

    Given Data:

    20AH Battery: 5 x 12V = 60V
    Charging Time: 3.5 Hours
    Energy Consumed : V x I x t
    Energy = 60V x 5.7143A x 3.5 Hours ( Assuming 60V Charging Voltage, but in reality slightly more ).

    E = 1.2kWh Per Charged ( 26.16 Cents/Charging) that give you mileage 65KM

    Finally, Electricity Bill for 650KM Mileage cost only Rm 2.616


  2. Excellent idea.Very economic way for people to travel using Electric bike for short distance. We can save the world and achieve zero emission of CO2 if charging up the electric bike using solar.Great idea.I cant wait to see more electric bike around in Malaysia soon.

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  4. so are electric bicycles banned or not? i personally think they shouldn't be as their low price and environmentally friendly aspect makes it a perfect vehicle for those in the lower income bracket and those who want a slightly faster and less tiring mode of transport than a normal bicycle. what statistics does the government have to show the claimed high number of accidents? if the speed is the problem limit the bikes to 20kph or if they feel the need to charge the rakyat then make a special road tax for electric bicycles.