Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Prius Performance after 21,000kM mileage

After the Toyota Prius running on the road with the mileage of 21,000kM, what is the performance of my hybrid car 's fuel consumption? 

To keep good fuel consumption, several common sense need to follow such as bring the car for schedule maintenance & proper tyres air pressure plus driver driving attitude as well.

For the moment, the car driving on city capable to achieve total mileage of 768.8KM for about RM70 (RON 95) petrol @ RM1.9/litre.

Simple calculation shows that the average 1KM =RM0.09 for driving TOYOTA PRIUS 1.8..

Average performance My Vi or Kenari 1.0 car 1KM=Rm0.12-0.14

Average Performace for worst fuel performance such as "xxxx" car etc @ traffic jam condition 1km=RM0.20-RM0.24


There is not major components failure and problem for Toyota Prius hybrid car on the road for the moment.  Fuel consumption is extreme low and saving up to 55% if compared to drive our most common Malaysia car on road . Thumb up Toyota Prius for the good fuel performance..

I am looking forward the new car policy from government . Hopefully  Toyota Prius will be in the list of price slashing down under new policy. Make Toyota Prius become more affordable for young people. FYI, Toyota Prius merely cost RM70k in UK and oversea.!!!

Malaysia young generation need a reasonable price good car such as prius and  i believe with this healthy competition,  will help other car makers to become more competitive and better quality in order to survive in this fair market!!!

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Text contributed by: Kiki Solar girl (

Note: "xxxx" car based on your own imagination.

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