Friday, November 9, 2012

How to save energy in Car parking lighting-The Mines

The Mines shopping located in Serdang is currently under I Capital Mall management. A lot of face lifting projects within shopping complex had transformed  The Mines as one of the main attraction within Klang Valley region.

Car parking lighting in The Mines also part of their management initiative to save energy and conserve the energy.

From my observation, conventional fluorescent lightings (T8- 45W) in their car parking lighting system are not longer been used and all replaced by T3  energy saving fluorescent lighting (18W).

As we all realized that car parking lighting system are operating in 24 hours basic and replacement of T3 fluorescent lighting contributing energy saving up to 60% in electricity bill can be realized with minimal capital investment.

Furthermore, motion sensors and de-lamp system also incorporated in their car parking bay to allow individual lighting to light up when customers approach to their car parking.

Overall, implementation of energy saving in car parking lighting should also consider safety of customers as their first priority!!

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