Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to save energy in Laos ? Energy Star

Laos is famous of  World Heritage sites declared by UNESCO since the year 1995. 
Today, Luang Prabang township has transformed 1960 styles shops to guest houses, bars and entertainment spots to meet the increasing demand of tourists inflow to this heritage township. Early of morning (about 6:30AM),  ceremony of  food giving to monks is the start of the day in Luang Prabang.
This is the guest house located in the heritage township -Luang Prabang operated by Malaysian. Most of tourists and local people using bicycles and motorcycles to travel around the town. It is safe to ride bicycle and enjoy the fresh atmosphere without traffic jam and pollution hassle. 
Conclusion: Low Carbon Emission township in transportation

All guesthouse in Laos are well aware about Energy efficiency. 99% of guest house in Laos using 5 Energy Star air conditional  (Energy Star Rating-Most energy efficiency) and preset the temperature of 24 degree C. Honestly, we don't need air conditional in Laos. The outdoor temperature is below 24 degree C during night time.

5 energy star rating refrigerator is commonly used in their household and phamancy. Personally, i saw all home appliances sold in their electrical appliances shops are rated at 5 Energy Star.

Another great example is 5 Energy Star water heater/hot shower in Luang Prabang Guest house.

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  1. Malaysia had this SAVE Programme whereby consumers get RM200 rebate for purchase of 5star refrigerators and RM100 rebate for 5star air-conds.

    I think it has ended recently, with just lukewarm response from the public. A case of lack of promotion