Friday, April 26, 2013

Part 3: How to save energy for lighting in China?

The Great Wall of China in Ba Da Ling. We took about one and half hour journey from Beijing town to Ba Da Ling via High speed train or local express shuttle bus.

 Guest house in Beijing name 235 Guest house is located in Old Beijing town. 10 minutes walking distance to nearest subway station. A great choice for backpackers especially Malaysian who are looking affordable pricing and clean room . The room rate  start from 200 Yuan=RM100 per night for 2 person during Spring Season (April 2013). Plenty of convenience shops and local Chinese Food Cuisine Restaurant (Beijing Style food & Muslim foods)  are available for those who are hunting for local food.

This is the long stretch of corridors to access your guest house room. Green building design such as semi transparent glass window design style allows natural sun as a great lighting source for indoor during day time.

 At night, motion sensor incorporated with photocell are used along the corridors to control the all the lighting. 

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