Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How much you will pay electricity bill in 2014?

source : TNB website (www.tnb.com.my)

Start from 1 January 2014, Malaysia household will get ready to face the new year challenges.

The new electricity rate will  impact the most of middle class family (with monthly billing above RM43.60) . For those houses consume alot of water heaters and air conditionals, your disposal income will sharply reduce by paying exorbitant high electricity bill if initiatives of saving electricity are not in place. No more cheap electricity to waste.

Kindly refer new TNB domestic (household) tariff start from 2014 as shown as above picture.


If your  household monthly bill is around 580unit (kwh), you are going to pay  RM220.62  (old rate RM190.59)    Increase of 15.8%

Total bill : RM220.62 + 220.62x1.6% (RE fund)
                =RM223.82 (for January 2014)


If your monthly hitting up to 650unit (kwh), your bill can reach almost RM257.69 (Old Rate RM220.25)
Increase of 17%

Total Bill: RM257.69 + RM257.69 x 1.6 % (RE Fund)
                  =RM261.8 (for January 2014)

Note : The above calculation doesn't included GST tax (will start on 2015)

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