Saturday, January 2, 2010

300W Wind Turbine hydrib with Solar Panel

Malaysia is a tropical country blessed with year long hot sun. Sometimes, i am pondering... Why we need to burn our fossil fuel when we still have ample of sun power & wind from the sky?
May be....We should think of Solar energy.A green energy source for Malaysia. To start from a little effort to save the world, just install a small solar panel. It can harvest the photon cell from the sun and hits the sillicon (material of solar panel).The motion of silicon conducts the current and eventually produce power for our daily usage in term of Watt(W). This picture shows a newly design 300W wind turbine hydrib with 300W solar panel for office lighting application at one of contruction site office in Puchong,Selangor (Malaysia). With its aerodynamic design,this little wind turbine sufficient to generate power and charging up the battery bank with low speed of wind. Pls take note..Every 1kW generating from the green energy, it can reduce up to 0.635kg CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission from the coal fired power station.


  1. crosby.teng@yahoo.comJune 8, 2011 at 7:34 PM

    This is Taiwan hi HAWT. How much per unit? Tower or battery inclusive?

  2. hi.
    The cost of wind turbine is at the range of USD3200-4000 completely with 300W Wind turbine
    Rotor/Generator/wind & soalr hybrid controler.
    Battery you should be able to get locally.

  3. Hello Kiki,
    you are the supplier for this wind turbine?

  4. MR Tang,
    Pls leave your email address.
    I will forward you the taiwan supplier email shortly.


  5. crosby.teng@yahoo.comNovember 1, 2011 at 10:53 PM

    Hi Miss Kiki,
    If you free, please log to facebook to find me. As i make Vertical Axis Wind Turbine made in Malaysia :)
    Actually i started this venture because of my village Bario. Know where that is? One of the most beautiful place in Malaysia.
    We have micro dam and wind turbine there. But not enough for power generation for 9 village. The wind turbine is totally not working. Sadly but true, a lot of people tend to overlook the concept of wind turbine or even study the feastiblity.
    We successfully create a wind turbine to match the low wind speed in Malaysia. And best of all, managed to proof that wind turbine can be used as renewable energy in Malaysia.
    However, as for solar, not that i do not encourage solar. To make solar, a lot of material required, silicon, sand, copper, aluminium harvested to make solar panel. Solar energy in USA and China is harvested differently, the sun ray shone on big parabolic dish widely spread, then, concentrated to a boiler... just like Solar water heating equipment on domestic roof.
    In Abu Dhabi recent research, they flood a round tank, and put a wind turbine on top. Since Abu Dhabi is hot all year round, they use the sun power to heat up the tank and turn the turbine just like the turbine chimney for nuclear reactor.

  6. crosby.teng@yahoo.comNovember 1, 2011 at 11:39 PM

    Sorry Miss Kiki,
    Sorry to interupt on the comment made by you on buying battery can be bought locally. Not that it is not true, but through my research and study, it is not as easy as buying of the shelves. Battery need to be studied throughly, as not every battery can immediately intake raw power from wind turbine or solar. So if you purchase from supplier wind turbine or solar, you must really be sure, there is expertise(NOT necessarily high qualification technician) in these RE as it is easy to buy, but it won't serve us if we can't service it.(sorry, i spent a lot of time understanding the whole thing that is why i want to share info with you) I can easily buy wind turbine and install in my village which so many manufacturer asked me to... but they not neccessarily be there to maintain because that would be additional cost inccur.
    Oh ya... talking about solar, they need regular surface cleaning. To maximise sunray.