Monday, January 4, 2010

Save Energy-Inverter Type Air conditional

Recently, we are keep complaining frequent electricity tarriff hike in malaysia is burning our hard earn money and our salary still remain fairly constant for the past few years. Due to the super hot weather in Kuala Lumpur,alot of average income groups especially for those staying at poor ventilation high rise apartments were chasing to install new air conditional in their home sweet home during last June 2009, the hottest month of the year.

To go green, we need to tackle the biggest load (power consumption appliance) in our household such as air conditional.Buy inverter type air conditioner which is using relunctance DC compressor motor technology can cut down our energy consuption daily. Pls do reconsider to replace old,aging and low efficiency air conditional with branded inverter type air conditional for
our green and cost saving effort.
Courtesy from Daikin

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