Friday, September 3, 2010

Prius's Under Endurance Test!

Prius's Under Endurance Test!

Result: Road handling excellent
Performance: command obeyed as instructed! No glitches, smooth like butterfly, run likes marathon runner!

Braking System: Very Responsive, perfectly stable

Consumption Refilled: Shell V Power

From Kota Bharu Rm 62.00

Distance covered from Kota Bharu to Kajang Via Gua Musang: 469.7kM

Fuel Remains: 248kM

Final achieved mile ledge @ Rm62.00 = 717.7kM

ETA ~ 7 Hours

My RND journeys covered Coast to coast, through mountains, valleys, jungles and most major and small towns, finally, am done takes Toyota Prius's car to the people of Malaysia.

From start to end journey covering total distance of 1068.7kM

Kajang » Tanah Rata » Cameron Highland » Brinchang » Gua Musang » Kuala Krai » Kota Bharu » Pengkan Kubur ( near Tumpat ) » Gua Musang » Kuala Lipis » Raub » Bentong » Kuala Lumpur » Kajang

Conclusion: What said by the American's driver is not true! ( From day one till now this car already covered total distance of 4124km! )



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