Sunday, June 27, 2010

The story of Toyota Prius in Malaysia-Chapter 1

A lot of us are wondering, how much we can save if we drive the world most  efficiency car , Hybrid Toyota Prius, under  Malaysia hot climate and "Malaysia  road condition" ?

After undergoing the first 1,000KM maintenance for the Toyota Prius, a green lover,from Kajang, Malaysia- MR Foo started his journey of Prius on the North South Highway.

His first destination is the north of Malaysia- Pasir Gudang, Johor.
Filling up his Prius full tank with Shell V Power, it costs him about RM76.00.

The total return journey was about 760KM.

How much $$$$ he save on the fuel consumption?

The efficiency of the Toyota Prius

(Shell V Power RON 97) = RM2.05/ litre

Prius Full tank 's capacity =RM76/Rm2.05/litre
                             =37.074 litre

760kM for 37.074 litres for highway and traffic jam mix condition,

The average of the Toyota Prius Efficiency is about

He spent RM10.00 for every 100KM for his TOYOTA Prius with local High quality Petrol, Shell V Power.

I guess of most of us will get shock!! This is very very cheap petrol consumption compared a normal car such as 1.5 Wira or even 1.3 Awaza.

Other interesting finding for Toyota Prius User is the Prius more efficiency if using Shell V POwer.

Previously, Other Branded Petrol RON97 such as Esson Mobil RON97 capable to give 6.3litre/100km mileage  (Refer to my previous blog about Toyota Prius).
Green car-Toyota Prius

To date,none of the car with same capacity (1.8) such as Toyota Camry and etc. able to beat
the performance of the Prius in term of fuel efficiency.

Note :

Even the small power car such as Produa-Kenari 1.0  recorded at  6.5litre/100km on the highway performance with "no traffic jam road condition :-(

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