Saturday, December 3, 2011

How much energy waste for LCD TV in standby mode?


I just bought my new 24 inchi size Toshiba's  LCD TV (24PB1E) recently in Kajang. This new model is a valued buy LCD TV and  it really saving my pocket for paying more electricity when i am watching my long episode movie (TVB) with only 65W or paying RM0.014 per hour  for my entertainment.

Compared to old 14 inchi CTV (old tube TV), it also took about 65W and i was spending same electricity bill with much smaller screen TV and less pleasure during my movie time!

How about the standby mode?

If i am leaving my LCD TV for a day in standby mode when i am sleeping or on holiday ..Will it drains my money and pays more to TNB?

Yes.. standby mode for this model is about 0.3-0.5W for that little  red light
Let say 20 hours leave my LCD TV under standby mode during working day. I am wasting about 10W per day.

A year i am wasting about 3650Wh or 3.65kWH or 3.65 units (about RM0.80)

That RM0.80  wastage can translate to enjoy three hours free 1HP air conditional for a household.

or may be free two pack of Maggi Mee when you feel hungry at midnight!

Conclusion, today newly design LCD TV model especially this toshiba model are much more efficiency and environment friendly compared to others.However, for reason of equipment protection  such as against lightning  strike and power supply overvoltage problem that might be damaging our expensive LCD TV, unplug the power cord LCD TV when not in used is highly recommended!

Based on Energy Waste Survey(pls click to find out more about Energy waste comments on standby mode), standby mode power is responsible for 5-10% of total electricity use in most homes 


  1. Well, just like any other electronic equipment, your LCD TV also consumes power when you leave it on standby. So, if you’re really saving up on your electric bill, make sure that you switch off your TV if you’re not going to use it.