Tuesday, July 24, 2012

High Efficiency Motor

Guideline on Equipment Energy Efficiency

High Efficiency Motor

The most efficienct motors are termed High Efficiency Motors (HEMs)- classified as Eff1 under European Committe of Manufacturers of Electrical Machines and Power Electronics (CEMEP), or their equivalent.

The CEMEP classification standard has been adopted by Malaysia to classify motor efficiencies.

Key design features of HEMs include:

- Improved fan design
-Better slot design
-Improved core design
-Optimised air Gap

Efficiency Classification :
EFF1  (High Efficiency Motors)
EFF2  ( Improved Efficiency Motors)
EFF3  (Standard motors)

Quick guide

EFF1 Motor for Operating hours exceeding 2,000 hrs per year

EFF2  Motor for Operating hours below 2,000 hrs per year

EFF3  Motors are not recommended to be used.

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