Monday, March 4, 2013

Feed In Tariff- How much money i can make from Solar Power?

Putting up solar panel on house rooftop with capacity of  6kW solar panel, how much money i can make from selling electricity to local utility under scheme Feed In Tariff in Malaysia?

From our data collection, a typical sunny day produces about average 27.7kWh per day  and the peak (maximum solar power generation) is about 5.916kW at 2:30pm.

Conclusion, this grid connected solar system capable to generate passive income at the average of RM38.00 in sunny day.

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  1. i remember 1st of Mac has good generation from my PV system as well. Nice one!

  2. Nice one, I hope to be able to put up similar installation in Sabah, too

  3. How much should I pay for putting up the solar panel? Thank you.

    1. :-D Cost installation depend of the solar panel brand (of course made in china) cheaper than Made in Japan.
      Before you take out your money for Fit Installation, pls do register and bid your quota for next year 2014 and get approval from SEDA.