Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feed In Tariff : How to make money from solar without losing your money?

One of the popular passive income today is selling your solar power to TNB, Malaysia Grid daily and collecting your monthly payment from SEDA via TNB payment system direct to your personal banking account.

However, how to ensure your solar system always working hard for you during sunny day or cloudy day without interruption?

What will happen if your  solar inverter ( convert DC supply from solar panel to AC) is not working? There will be no income for you as long as your inverter is tripped and alarm is raised with message " Missing Grid". Your inverter system is totally shut off from system and no energy is exporting to the TNB system if you are not aware of this problem. 

For those Fit owner, please keep an eye to your inverter system from time to time. If your inverter's alarm is raised, please take a look on the inverter screen to find out what is the issue. Most of the inverter technology today is implementing self diagnosis feature and the screen will display what is going wrong in your solar system.

The most common problem such as " Missing Grid" code come out from the inverter screen mainly  due to the tripping of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB) during lightning strike. If your ELCB is tripped , just push back your ELCB back to switch On position and your inverter will back to Normal again. The inverter alarm will clear and your solar system will continue to work hard for you to make money!

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