Sunday, June 23, 2013

Has Haze Affecting My Solar Power Income?

clear sky during sunny day (Solar power produces average 16kwh per day)

Today is the worst haze day in Malaysia including Johor hitting up to API (air pollution Index) to 750 point (very dangerous level). Our Kajang located in Selangor also bad affected by haze pollutant from Indonesia illegal forest burning activity and all schools in Selangor Kuala Lumpur will close tomorrow (refer to news The Star Click here.

Do you know how the haze will affecting our solar power  production on our rooftop (feed in tariff)?

This total 4kwp solar panel produces average of  16units (kwh) per day (for a typical sunny day).
Severe Haze has bring down the visibility of the sun light to the rooftop and the solar production had reduced to 14 units (kwh) today. We can see 12.5% income and solar power generation drop!!

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  1. Not too bad a drop. I had expected worse than 12.5% ...