Sunday, June 30, 2013

How Much i can earn from Solar Power (Feed in Tariff) During Cloudy Day?

How much I can earn money from Solar Power  via Feed In Tariff during cloudy day?

There is significant reduction of solar power generation during cloudy day.
Based on my record ( 30 Jun 2013), 4kwp solar power only produces  13 units (KWh) and it translates to 13x RM1.30=RM 16.90 income for the owner.

From my observation, the hottest day with clear sky capable to produce up to 19 units (29 Jun 2013) and average is approximately 16 units per day.

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  1. Hi, great info sharing. Thanks.

    May I know what brand of solar panels you use and inverter.


  2. In this case, should adopte Ave temperature in 60 deg for the whole year