Thursday, November 4, 2010

How much you will spend on Toyota Prius Maintenance?

Alot of  Malaysian, including well to do businessman are very concern about the cost of maintenance for a Toyota Prius due to its complexity in hybrid car technology such as battery, inverter,battery system and etc.

To :Non Toyota Prius Driver:

The initial maintenance cost for Toyota Prius are:

First 1,000 KM maintenance at Toyota Service center-Shah Alam = RM 74.00
First 5,000KM Maintenance at Toyota Service center-Balakong  =  RM 74.00

The above maintenance cost including :
  • wash and vaccum car
  • Replacement of Premium MIM TGMO 4litre oil
  • Gasket
  • window washer 30ml
  • labour cost (free)
Note: If you intend to get further discount from Toyota, pls fill up the questionaire form and you will get RM20 rebate from your total bill .

Happy Driving with Toyota Prius.

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  1. First 1,000 KM maintenance at Toyota Johor Tebrau City RM125++ ....

  2. first 1k maintenance at Toyota Johor Plentong Mutiara, RM147