Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Malaysia Toyota Prius Fuel Performance-Update

A good friend of mine, Mr Foo spent his last weekend at Kelantan (located at North of Penisular Malaysia) and of course his red Toyota Prius hybrid car become his family vehicle.
This long distance balik kampung trip (go back to hometown ) took about 7 and 1/2 hours driving  from Kuala Lumpur to Pangkalan kubur, Kelantan. Here, he would like to share the fuel performance of his Toyota Prius as shown as below.

Distance Covered Kula Lumpur to Kota Bahru

One way:  566.6km

Fuel: RON97 Synergy F1 (ESSO MOBIL)-RM2.15 per litre

Money spent on fuel :RM82.00 for fuel tank (38.138 litre)

Km balance recorded in Prius Fuel Meter (Dashboard) =191km
Total miledge achieved: 757kM

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  1. Hmm... Still eat too much petrol for a hybrid car. :P

  2. agree...too much for a hybrid car
    were expecting 1200km above

  3. No, Prius full tank by average can achieve 700km or non stop long distance traveling you easily cover 750km. Malaysian must wait and buy Plugin Hybrid model, and is highly recommended, as you can make use of home charged battery power instead fuel for short distance traveling!
    Fully electric like Mitsubishi MiEV, yes you can get 1200km with cheap electricity bill! ( Please refer to my last comment ).

  4. Hi Mr foo,good day to you.
    I'm seems having fuel economay save issue with my Prius.I had just brought A Prius for last few weeks take 457km with RM70 RON97 8/10 fuel tank (all the way is Eco mode) is that any wrong way i drove the Prius car?
    Everyday i travel in & out Singapore & seems like fuel kills cause it take me 2 of the bar of gas fuel (around 52km x2way)

  5. I get 670km on Ron95 on a rather jam road condition.
    On highway easily 750km !

    Please observe the following:

    1. Check your car's tyres Pressure
    2. DO NOT ram fuels till you go on POWER
    3. Do not place your car on NEUTRAL MODE
    while on the JAM Condition! ( Please note:
    On Neutral Mode battery will not be
    charged even the engine is running ).
    4. Your A/C is best on 23 ~ 25 C ( too cold
    can drain up your batter too ).
    5.Drive within Eco-Mode as shown in the
    Eco-Graphic Bar Chart, or another words
    drive within Green Zone!
    6. While driving on down hill try to
    maximized charging by pressing the brake, putting more pressure on Brake you get. higher charging rates.
    7. While driving, DO NOT placed on B Mode !
    ( Use for enhancing braking only while on steep slope ).

    Au Revoir


  6. Mr Foo,

    想请教您一个问题,PRIUS有防暴玻璃功能吗?昨天被人打爆driver seat玻璃?而且alarm也不会响..这个是正常的吗?我的agent说因为是日本进口车 日本治安很安全 所以没有装饰这种alarm即使被人打爆玻璃 也不会响?


  7. Mr Foo said so far he doesnt have bad experience for broken windscreen yet..THank you for sharing your experience over there..