Monday, November 22, 2010

UPM-First Wind Turbine Hybrid with Solar Panel

Recently, Our Malaysia local university-University Putra Malaysia (UPM) had kick start the Renewable Energy (RE) Initiative by installing few units of stylish wind turbines and solar panels in UPM-Serdang main campus.
The technical data such as the size of wind turbines and solar panels are shown as below:

Technical Data For photovoltaic (PV)

Total PV power: 2700 Watts
Powered by: Solar Hybrid UPS

Technical Data For Wind Turbines

1 Unit : 300W Wind Turbine
1 Unit: 1500W Wind Turbine
1 Unit: 3000W Wind Turbine

Total Capacity : 7500W ( 7.5kW)


  1. Did not believe there was enough wind in Malaysia to powere a wind turbine. This is a feature of being so close to the equator.


  2. it will be good if they willing to share the actual performance.
    i believe it will be able to start up at 2-3 m/s but not generating any power.

  3. currently the owner is planning to install data logging to capture the wind speed and power generated data. Will update here once they instal and record the all the relevent data.Tq for your comments.Btw, the purpose of install wind turbine at UPM is solely for education and awareness purpose.

  4. dimana nak dapat wind turbine ni pada kos yang rendah

  5. Saya Ada wind turbine kecil. 1500 w generator tapi battery simpanan 18000 w. Boleh Guna sampai 5400w sehari. Kincir angin ini buatan anak Malaysia. Email jika berminat. Saya buat kincir angin ni untuk tolong kampung saya kat Sarawak Bario.

  6. Hello,can i know where you buy the wind generator, can you provide me the supplier details?