Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are you ready to get your rebate RM200 for SAVE ACT

Most of the household in Malaysia are waiting eagerly to get the rebate RM200 from  government to replace their old refridgerator and air conditional with  rated five energy star refridgerator /air conditional in order to reduce monthly electricity bills.


1. Your Monthly TNB bill should be less than RM120 to qualify the rebate of RM200.

2. Check the list of five energy star refridgerator and /or air conditional release by government on 7 July 2011.

3. Select your preferred refridgerator and / or air conditional.

It is timely for me to share some selected high effcient refridgerator catalogue and info before you can make up your mind to ready for change!

a)How much you pay for Inverter type 1.0Hp Hitachi Air conditioner?   (pls click for further info)

Review on how Inverter Air conditioner able to save your TNB bills and how much you will pay after installing Hitachi Air conditioner .


b)Hitachi Inverter Air conditional (pls click for further info)

Catalogue of Hitchi Inverter Air Conditional-Explain how DC Pam be used in Inverter Air conditional system and how it able to save energy technically using intelligent control compared to conventional air conditional.Good fundamental of Inverter based air conditional theory for sharing.


c) Save Energy-Inverter Type Air conditional (Daikin Inverter Air conditional) (pls click for further info)

Another popular brand Inverter air condtional (especially in Singapore)-Daikin Inverter Air conditional.
This catague review how to save energy and what is Econo mode for Daikin inverter air conditional.

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