Monday, May 31, 2010

How much you pay for Inverter type 1.0Hp Hitachi Air conditioner?

How Much you pay daily for a day for inverter type 1.0Hp Hitachi Air Conditioner without compromise  your comfort?

My latest load profile for 1HP Hitachi AC at Energy Saving Mode:

Temperature set @ 16 Degree C

Mode: On Energy Saving Mode

Captured Data:

235V, 2.61A @ Power Factor 0.79

Power Consumed = VI x PF

Power (W) = 235V x 2.61A x 0.79

= 485 W or 0.485kW (0.485unit)

note: 1kW=1 unit=1,000W

So, if you run for 1 Hour, that will be 0.485 Unit, you pay;

If @ 21.8 Cents

Your Bill Costs 21.8 cents x 0.485

You pay 10.6 Cents/Hour

If your Bill exceeds > 200 Units, the you pay :

Your bill costs/Hour = 33.4 Cents x 0.485

Now you pay 16.199 Cents/Hour

If home user really want to save energy, then do your very best to lock in at  first 200 Units for your electricity bill!

Once more than 200 units the tariff hikes like a rocket! That is 33.4 Cents/Unit!



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