Monday, September 19, 2011

California schools saving with Solar Power

Courtesy: CNN
(CNN) -- California schools are hurting. Budget cuts in the millions are causing school districts to find ways to save cash.

Some schools have laid off staff. Others have increased class sizes. And some have spent millions on solar panels to trim their electricity bills.

With the help of low-interest loans from the federal government, the San Ramon Valley Unified School
District installed 10,000 photovoltaic panels at five schools.

It was one of 90 systems in California, including some colleges, to do so.

Those panels should create enough electricity to offset  67% to 75% of each school's electrical use, a San Ramon Valley official said. The savings initially will be used to pay back the loans, which came from federal stimulus funds, officials said.

My favourite comment: " Until the Chinese got involved big-time, the price of photovoltaics dropped about 10 percent over a twenty-five year period, In the last two years, they have dropped 70 percent. Good for the Chinese."

Some people claim this is a bad business move, let's see what they say in 6 years time when the solar installation has been paid off! I personally think this is a great move for the long term.

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