Saturday, September 3, 2011

Using Solar to Charge up your Modenas-Electric Bike

Upon the arrival of Modenas Electric Motorcycle to our workplace, an outspoken workmate was complaining about this e-bike.He mention that he didn't see any good reason to purchase so called environment friendly electric bike as it is still consuming indirect  fossil fuel burning via charging up the Modenas's battery from our local electricity utility company -TNB.

Ya..If you talking to typically  rigid mind set people who are talking about dollars and cents, believe me or not, he wouldn't even consider to replace existing running petrol powered motorcycle with this e-bike after taking consideration of return  investment and etcs.....But if you meet someone who is environmental mentality, like our friend  Mr Foo, he would definately tell you how your electric motorcycle able to ride without burning the fossil fuel!

The secret is using solar energy from the sun via solar panels on his house rooftop to charge up his Modenas Electric bike daily. Output of the wall socket in the parking bay is AC (in the pic) after going thru the inverter unit.Stay tuned and more info about solar charging rate and performance will be posted here soon.

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  1. This should be call a hybrid motorcycle, where it's using petrol and battery. It should be good for the environment, however, you probably have to charge the battery everyday. I wonder what will be the cost of replacing the battery when the lifespan it up?
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