Sunday, July 7, 2013

How to protect Solar Controller from Lightning?

Selling solar power via Feed in Tariff subject to connect and synchronize Solar power with TNB Grid system daily. How to ensure our solar power installation system including expensive inverter controller able to sustain and continue to produce electricity without the interruption of heavy lightning strike?

Failure of solar inverter controller will cause the whole solar system collapse. Owner will lose his constant solar income due to prolong outage. Several issue such as  lead time  for solar inverter replacement shipment plus site troubleshooting by qualified solar installer especially for home installation far from Klang Valley certainly will damp down the feed in tariff income and return of investment (ROI).

To solve the lightning problem is simple. Industry are using Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) or common known as surge absorber/suppresser is install at the front line of solar installation to protect against overvoltage strike that might damage our inverter system.

Colour code indicator on the surge absorber is indicating the state of lightning protection.
Green colour = healthy and able to take the lightning strikes. If the indicator changes to red, there is no more protection against lightning. Replace the surge absorber to ensure the inverter and solar system always intact with TNB system even during lightning strikes. 

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