Monday, August 29, 2011

Modenas Electric Motorcycle -User Experience Journey Part-2: My first 100KM

My 1st 100kM !

Report Will comes soon

My first impression : Excellent E-Bike for 1st Generation Modenas Electric Motor Cycle.

- Performance: very responsive with respect to control.

- very smooth, and speed easily achieved 80kM to 90kM.

- frankly speaking, this E-Bike is very suitable of covering distance 25kM - 30kM per charged.

- recommended charging time between 8 - 10 hours.

Conclusion: I love it ! Because it serves my purpose.


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  1. how do i charge if i live in an apartment 5 storey high? hahaha

  2. Ok good question!
    Like in Vancouver,Canada municipal set a rule for property developers to furnish charging socket at parking lots. Just like in Singapore, you can get charging point at biker parking lots.
    So, our town councils too must play their part in implenting the charging system.
    It is simple just do it