Sunday, May 23, 2010

Green car-Toyota Prius

This is a newly toyota prius which is well known as the most efficient car in the world. Today, Prius Toyata 1.8hp costs about RM175,000 in Malaysia 2010, including RM50k import A.P cost plus minimum governement tax.In view of rising  fuel cost and green energy awareness among japan and developed country such US market, Toyota Prius is experiencing overwheelming demand from the their local market and  oversea market such as malaysia only limited to 40 units cars per year.

After almost three weeks driving test in kajang town to the workplace Uniten, the car is accumulating about  570KM distance and the alarm for refueling gas is activated .Using RON 97, it cost us RM73.00 for the full tank capacity. For the first 570km mileage, Toyota Prius able to achive about  6.2litre /100km. The average for the most efficient mileages according to manual should be around 5-6litre/100kM.

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