Saturday, October 2, 2010

2x300MW Calaca Coal Fired Power Plant at Batangas (Manila),Philippines

Recently, i have visited Calaca Coal Fired Power station at Batangas, Philippines.We took approximately three hours drive from Manila, the capital of Philippines to the power station.
The total capacity of the power plant is 2x 300MW ,consisting of one unit of  300MW Toshiba steam generator, and GEC ALSTHOM steam generator with same capacity.
Currently, DMCI Power Corp is the new owner of the plant since Dec 2009, acquired the coal-fired facility for $361.71 million.

Futher info, pls refer to the news as below:

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  1. is it working currently? why is it built there?
    --I just need to know for my project research on coal :) thank you.