Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Berjaya Solar

Berjaya Solar Sdn Bhd (“Berjaya Solar”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation Berhad, is pleased to announce the proposed development of the country’s first large-scale 10 Megawatt ground-based Solar Photovoltaic (PV) power plant at Bukit Tagar, Selangor, estimated to cost approximately RM180 million. This is the precursor to developing a proposed 50 Megawatt Solar PV power plant in the future based on the success of the 10 Megawatt plant undertaking.

Berjaya Solar has developed in-depth understanding on implementation of the proposed PV power plant during its recent visits to solar farms and relevant government institutions and companies in Germany and Spain.

A detailed analysis of the proposed PV project has been undertaken, including the consideration of crystalline PV as well as thin film technologies. Berjaya Solar has established strategic relationship with leading global Solar PV enterprises in the ASEAN region, such as EQ Solar and other PV manufacturers. EQ Solar is in the advanced stage of preparation to set up its latest solar panel manufacturing plant in Johor producing mono- and poly- crystalline PV modules.

The potential involvement of local and regional manufacturers will provide significant benefits to the country’s existing and new industry throughout the course of the project.

As an independent developer and operator of solar power in Malaysia, Berjaya Solar has submitted a proposal to develop the Solar PV Power Plant to the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water.

The successful engagement of the project entails support from the government, primarily in terms of policies for renewable energy. In this context, the government’s approval of Pusat Tenaga Malaysia (Malaysia Energy Centre) proposal for a new Feed-in Tariff mechanism that provides preferential electricity tariffs as incentive for producers of Renewable Energy Sources is imperative.

Pending and subject to approval of the Feed-in Tariff policy and the project, Berjaya Solar is expected to commence development of the 10 Megawatt Solar PV power plant in the 2nd half of 2010 to be commissioned by 2011. The plant will be developed over a 50 hectares site, and is capable of generating power to supply electricity to 3,000 homes. The power generated will be connected to the national grid to supply electricity nationwide.

The project is expected to draw global green-technology expertise to Malaysia, creating a new industry. The spin-offs from this are the transfer of technology and a positive impact on the local job market.

The abundance of solar irradiation in this region is a strong impetus, and Berjaya Solar sees great potential in solar source as the nation’s main source of supplemental energy, to reduce the nation’s dependency on fossil fuel energy. Unlike fossil fuels, Solar PV is able to create energy solutions that are environmentally friendly, during operation and after decommissioning, leading to a greener and sustainable environment.

This flagship undertaking is in line with the Government of Malaysia’s green energy policy, and will keep Malaysia abreast with other ASEAN countries embarking on similar solar projects.

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