Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to save environment during Chinese new year celebration?

Happy Dragon Year! Today is Chinese new year eve. What is your resolution for this coming lunar new year?

pic : One Utama Shopping Mall during Chinese New year (from Galaxy Note)

I wish all Chinese to have better Health, Better wealth ! May your dreams come true…hehehe..

Do you receive new year hampers from your relatives or your daughter boyfriend etc?

Or getting big hamper from your company annual dinner lucky draw?

Do you eat a lot of LUKAM (Chinese mandarin orange from china) and leaving your a lot of empty boxes after the big festival?

Do you enjoy a lot of Coca cola,100 plus and beers and leaving a lot of empty tins in your kitchen? is very common to see big heap of garbage in front of our house after Chinese new year.

Do you know that more than 40% of our household waste can be reused and recycled instead of filling up our landfill?

Please don’t forget to recycle your empty cardbox from LUKAM boxes, new year cookies card boxes, mushroom packing boxes and send it to recycle center instead of waiting garbage collectors.

Besides you are getting RM0.30-0.40 per kg cardboard, RM3 perkg for aluminum canned from your garbage sale, you are helping our beloved environment.

• Reduce spaces in landfill

• Reduce the energy used to produce new tins, cardboard etc.

• Save more trees from cutting down to produce papers.

• Less pollution problem in water catchment (unable to get suitable location landfill).

• Save better environment for our future generation!

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