Saturday, January 14, 2012

Solar-powered hypermart

THE RM70 mil new Tesco hypermarket in Kulim, Kedah, features a solar power system capable of reducing carbon emissions of more than three tonnes per year to the environment.Tesco Stores Malaysia chief operating officer Tim Golding said in a press release that the grid connected  solar photovoltaic system generated some 45,600kW of electricity per year.

“This is our first solar-powered hypermarket, which is also the 39th Tesco store in Malaysia. The system cost about RM400,000 to install and can support the power needs of six medium-sized households for an entire year.
“The generation of 45,600kW of electricity translates into a reduction of more than three tonnes of carbon emissions per year,” he said.

Golding said the installation of the solar system in Tesco Kulim was the result of Tesco’s participation in the Suria 1000 Programme, a scheme under the Federal Government’s Malaysia Building Integrated Photovoltaic (MBIPV) project to encourage and support building owners in the generating of their own electricity from solar energy.

“Tesco will continue to up the ante in building environmentally-friendly stores. The energy-saving innovation is focused on lighting, water consumption, air-conditioning, refrigeration and architecture design,” he said.

“It is a natural evolution for us to adopt solar energy in our stores and we are pleased that our brand-new Tesco Kulim will be an important model for our stores in Malaysia. “We have been steadfast in our aim to mobilise the collective strength of our customers, suppliers and stakeholders to help protect the environment and combat climate change, but we believe that the best way to achieve this is to lead by example.”

On the company’s expansion in Kedah, Golding said Tesco was happy to be in Kulim. “As a result of the overall national growth and prosperity, the state, including this town, holds much potential for retailers like Tesco. “The opening of our hypermarket in Kulim has created over 400 job opportunities for the local Community,” he added.

Tesco Kulim is built at a cost of close to RM70 million and has a sales floor area of 6,200sq m and a mall area of about 8,500sq m.

“The hypermarket also has more than 800 parking bays for the convenience of its shoppers,”Golding said.
As part of its commitment to the environment, Tesco Malaysia has earlier introduced a range of alternative carrier bags for customers.

“Customers are also rewarded with Tesco Green Clubcard points each time they use their own bags or the Tesco reusable bags available at all Tesco stores.“Our first recycling centre at Tesco Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, was launched in May 2008. Tesco Malaysia today has recycling centres at 12 of its stores,” added Golding.

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