Sunday, December 19, 2010

Malaysia's first off-grid home based solar fuel charging station

My first plug-in ready home based solar Fuel charging station capable of delivering 4kW charging power for fully electric/hybrid electric vehicle.
The system comes with digital selectable voltage and frequency setter ( 110V, 220V, 220V and 240V C/W 50Hz/60Hz selection ) is powered by Longtime off-grid controller module.

Actually, late last year, I installed these power sockets ready for arrival of fully electric iMiEV/Leaf/Mas hybrid vehicle fleet, but it never arrived in Malaysia! I cant wait any longer.Finally I go for non plug-in type Toyota Prius.

For would be hybrid car buyer, I strongly recommend fully electric vehicle, just for simple reason. Oil prices keep rising and to me enough is enough!

Unlimited Sun energy is here with us and further more our workplace will soon be equipped with PV Solar roof that ready to charge-up our electric car.

Courtesy: Foo
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