Friday, December 24, 2010

Using an i MieV car-Fully Electric Car

Picture courtesy from Mitshubishi

Using an i MiEV means one ton less of CO2 per year in comparison with a gasoline mini car.

For Household Charger system, it take about 7 hours to fully charge the Electric car (iMieV), at rated   voltage 200V (15A)  or 14 hours for 100V (15A) system.

For quick charger (80% charged), it required 3 phase 200V-50kW power supply and this process can be completed as fast as 30 minute only.

This Mitsubishi i-MiEV capable of traveling up to 160kM/charged ( based on Japanese standard test ).

( American test result shows 120kM/charged ).

It take 10 hours to fully charged up,and  the costs only approximately RM 2.18  ( USD 0.68 ).

So, based on Japanese standard, for RM 21.8 ( USD 6.8 ) this translates to 1,600kM...

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