Thursday, December 9, 2010

RM800 Battery for Modenas Bike

According to report from the sun dated on 8 December 2010, the baterry for Modenas bike will cost about RM800( Lead Acid battery) and is expected to last three years.

Modenas CEO said, 20% of our motorcyclists ride only for short distances and Modenas Sdn Bhd is confident of tapping into this category of users with its soon to be launched electric bike.

The average operating cost for CTric Electric bike is RM1 for 60KM compared with RM2 for fuel powered motorcycles, and comes with minimum maintenance.

Target Group for Modenas  electric bikes are students, housewives, those in the food delivery and courier services, and gated communities.

In Felda schemes where the petrol kiosk is quite a distance away, electric bike will be important to be settlers as the battery can be easily charged.

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courtesy from The Sun 8 December 2010

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