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PEMANDU:减少津贴和助减財赤‧建议徵收燃油消费税 (Benefits and help reduce the deficit reduction proposed to introduce a fuel consumption tax)

吉隆坡11日讯)消息透露,首相署表现管理及传递单位(PEMANDU)建议政府从明年起向消费者徵收“燃油消费税”(fuel consumption tax),以减少政府支付的津贴,同时有助於將財政赤字从5.6%降低至5.4%。










source :星洲日报‧2010.12.11

English Translation- Via Google Translator.

Kuala Lumpur 11 News) sources, the Prime Minister's Department Performance Management and delivery units (PEMANDU) suggest that consumers from next year to impose a "fuel consumption tax" (fuel consumption tax), to reduce subsidies paid to the Government, while helping to finance deficit from 5.6 percent down to 5.4 percent.

Refers to the National Government to assume PEMANDU the oil tax, a total loss of 6.5 billion ringgit this tax; in the current subsidy system, the Government has not levied on consumers 58 cents per liter excise tax.

Deputy Minister of Finance Xiang fishes Nadu Lin Sin Chew Daily confirmed that the government subsidy under the Ministry of really studying PEMANDU Panel proposals, the committee is composed of different government departments and agencies representatives, but he stressed that the Government will not be hasty to make any major decisions.

"The committee will certainly explore PEMANDU proposals, after all, is from experts, they will study the reduction of subsidies and lower classes of society, the impact and influence, even some good advice, it must be step by step implementation. "

Asked when the committee will complete the study to determine whether implementation of the oil tax system, Xiang Lin was that they just received the proposals, the results were "not so fast" came out.

Recommendations must be approved by the Cabinet

On the other hand, the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Cooperatives Deputy Minister Datuk Chan Lotus, said the Ministry of Trade and Consumer trust the government in making decisions, will consider the new policy will increase the burden of the people, PEMANDU any recommendations made by the Cabinet must approval before implementation.

"Department of Trade and Consumer PEMANDU not discussed the proposal, the current situation is solely responsible for reviewing government subsidies PEMANDU matters, Trade and Consumer Minister (Datuk Seri by 斯迈沙比利) on behalf of us to participate in the discussion, PEMANDU directly in the cabinet meeting to make recommendations. "

Government on December 4 just a second wave of grants to implement the rationalization exercise to reduce petrol and sugar subsidies, the government is expected to save 1.1 billion each year 8 million ringgit overhead.

Sin Chew Daily today to contact PEMANDU verify the accuracy of the message, the unit spokesman pointed out that they can not targeted at any spoke on the subject of tax, because tax issues are within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance

Comments: Another phase of inflation  is expecting to hit malaysia soon after the implemetating of (fuel consumption tax) on the Petrol comsumption in Malaysia if cabinet malaysia approve the proposal from PEMANDU.

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