Sunday, December 26, 2010

Solar Powered iPad

To all,

Just sharing Technology Info

Just 5 hours Charging time to fully charged up your iPAD-Wifi series.

Technical Charging Data:

Power consumed: Approximately 11W @ 230Vac

Energy Consumed:

E= Pxt

E= 11W x 5 hours = 55Wh = 0.055kWh = 0.05 unit

Electricity Bill/Charged = RM0.012 (1.2 sen)

Electricity Bill/Charged @ 21.8 cents/unit ( Based on Malaysia's Electricity Tariff )

Well, look like this small wonder can helps Mother Earth reduces Co2 emission!

Please note:
# 1

Fully charged iPad can take u approximately 10 hours of operation.

# 2
This i Pad can 100% charge up via Solar Energy!

For further info e-mail to:

Courtesy: Foo Hi Kium ( Go Solar )

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