Thursday, August 25, 2011

Modenas Electric Motorcycle -User Experience Journey Part-1

The first Modenas electric motorcycle is on the road now.My friend started to charge the Modenas motorcycle at home yesterday upon the new delivery. For initial stage, he has charged the modenas motorcycle up to 12 hours to obtain optimum power of the motorcycle. The cost of per charging is about RM0.40 and it can able to ride up to two days usage for 50kM distance.

For Rule of thumb:
How much you can save if using petrol powered motorcycle compared to electric motocycle ?

If you using RM8 per week for your petrol comsumption, Modenas Electric Motorcycle might cost user about RM0.80 , about 1/10 part of petrol cost if the RON95 maintain about RM1.90 per litre.

There are more info and tips on  how to manage the limited battery resource of Modenas Electric Motorcycle in my future post soon.Stay tuned.

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