Monday, June 28, 2010

First Solar Power Petrol Station in Malaysia-BP Kesas Station

BP Kesas Station (Petrol Kiosk) was the first in Malaysia and one of the first in the world to use energy generated by Solar Panels designed and built by BP.

I have an interesting brochure from BP Solar Station. According to the brochure,it used up to 15% of the energy from solar panel for BP Station's needs. The panels on the roof of the station as big as a tennis court and provide an average of 13,000kilowatt hours per year.

Malaysia electricity tariff for commercial

Tariff B - Low Voltage Commercial Tariff
For Overall Monthly Consumption More Than 200 kWh/month

For all kWh (From 1kWh onwards) sen/kWh 39.7

How much the BP Solar station can save from their electricity bill per year?

13,000kilowatt hours = 13,000unit

13,000 unit x RM0.40= RM5,200.00

Find out more on the BP Kesas Solar Station's brochure as below

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