Sunday, June 20, 2010

LED Lighting

This is one of the proven LED Lighting available in some of famous High Rise building in Kuala Lumpur.
With this 6W power comsumption at 240V, it capable to produce up to  510lm to 660lm (lumen) depend the model.( I consider this brightness is super bright with so little power comsume)

Local manufacturer has invested alot of time and technology to develop it Die-Cast Aluminium housing Structure for efficient heat dissipation and installation purpose as well. With this excellence design, some of the famous hotel such as Micasa Hotel at Jalan Ampang has installed  for their  whole building facility and guest room lightings.
To summarize, if you have 10,000 lightings such as huge under ground car park running for  24 hours and  365 days per year, you can easily save RM 1 million energy cost for your energy bill..:-)

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