Saturday, June 26, 2010

Grid connected Solar System

This is a simple pictorial explains how a Grid connected solar system works in our home installation.
Photo Voltaic (PV) or solar modules connected in series are usually mounted on the top of building. In order to synchronize with local utility, the solar output Direct Current (DC) will invert to Alternating Current by means of  inverter.

AC mains supply from local utility like TNB will synchronize with inverter output by means of built-in synchronizer circuit. This design allows solar power with higher voltage potential to supply to the load (lightings or any load) while AC mains supply acts as backup in case of insufficient sunlight or at night condition. This system will work well in our future feed in tariff policy that we can sell our excess solar power to local utility during day time( while most of us working and away from home). At night, we can import local utility power to enjoy our air-conditional & lightings. With this system,  we have reduce the cost of energy storage problem such as huge battery bank which is not environment friendly and required alot of space and initial cost investment.!!

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