Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Advantages of Toyota Prius in Malaysia Part-1

Most of the KL drivers are experiencing severe stress, especially for those driving in the traffic jam prone KL area due to closure of road for construction and etc during rush hours. But when the traffic jam is brought about unwillingly,people tend to lose their good temper and  the phenomena become worst when the increasing of fuel price in Malaysia recently.Do we really think about this matter carefully? Is that wise for us to pay so much of money for our fuel and pollute our environment with CO2 emission just because of we caught inside the traffic jam?

Toyota Prius- an environment friendly car, is designed to cater the drivers who drive their car in the traffic jam area with ECO (Economy) mode.

This energy monitor in the Toyota Prius shows three major components in the hybrid car system.

1.Petrol ( Engine Mode)
3.Electric Motor/Generator 

Engine Mode (Petrol Engine)

Battery Mode

Electric Motor/Generator Mode

During idling mode, such as stop in front of traffic light or stuck inside the traffic jam, the engine will cut off automatically. This will help us to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption and CO2 emission to our environment.  Furthermore,we still  continue enjoying our air conditioner & music in the Prius using free energy from battery. :-)

Figure A shows the energy monitor display and the status Petrol Engine ,battery and electric motor during Toyota Prius at idling condition.

Figure A

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  1. looks like the one in the arcade game =P

  2. How about the maintenance??..Nice entry friend...visit my latest entry today..;D

  3. jFook,Ken & Suhaisweet. THe maintenance of Prius so far as normal car maintenance at Toyota workshop SHah Alam.The highest Maintenance will be the battery system- Design to last for 10 years:-)