Thursday, July 8, 2010

How much we spend on Induction Cooker?

This is the working principle of Induction Cooker. It acts like a transformer induction effect.Current flows at primary coil and the induction cooker plate acts as secondary winding ,where the eddy current is developed and produced for heating purpose.How much money we can save by using induction cooker in our home?
According to above table, the efficiency of induction cooker is highest among others. Halogen, Electric and even Gas cooker are less efficient compared to induction cooker .Induction cooker takes less time to boil water because  85% of the energy use in induction cooker is converted  to heat :-) I am fully agreed that by using High Efficiency cooking appliance, our household expenditure will be able to reduce dramatically and thus, conserving our depleting natural resource for our next generation :-)

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